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We are german producer of Meltblown Filter Textile used for masks and filters. With our Meltblown your masks will pass the tests at european acredited laboratories like DEKRA, CIOP, PRS and not only in laboratories from outside of Europe. Call us and we will advice You how You can make Your certification.

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Meltblown know-how

We produce our Meltblown in Germany. It is made in Europe and not just sold and delivered from Europe. Since 3 rd generation we are in plastic processing industry. Our experienced technicians implement plastic processing technology at many european and american companies.

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We test our meltblown 24/7

The quality is very important for us and our customers. Our laboratory is fully equipped with laboratory equipment which allows us to check the Meltblown and masks for Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE, breathing resistance, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE, splash resistance